Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Current Favorite Under Eye Primer - Estee Lauder Resiliance Lift Firming Sculpting Eye Cream

I have developed a love for this eye cream, not for the reasons one might think(like line reversal) but because it is an amazing under eye makeup base. I have not been using it long term so I can't speak to lines in that regard, but I have not seen any significant difference yet. It does however cover up my dry, sometimes flaky under eye area by creating a new smooth layer for my foundation to sit much better on top of. It's not oily at all so it does not cause my makeup to breakup or look shiny throughout the day, it stays put beautifully! (For reference I have been wearing this with my favorite CoverGirl outlast foundation). It does have a slight pale pink shimmer to it which does not irritate my skin, surprisingly since most shimmer/glow containing products do make my skin feel itchy or uncomfortable. A bit pricy, but if you can it with a free gift with purchase it is worth it if you have undereyes that need a great primer!

(nails Sally Hansen Xtream Wear - Wild Life)