Thursday, January 16, 2014

Victoria's Secret Nail Laquer - I'm No Angel. Peep Show. Envied. Coral Crush.

Victoria's Secret has come out with a couple of different nail polish lines in the the past year or two. They have finally done it right! Their Latest Line which is now offered on their website (in most colors) is fantastic! The last Victoria's Secret line of nail polish was definetly hit and miss with some colors being good and others not worth your time at all. That line has disapeared and been replaced by a new line that is above and beyond, and even rivals some of my favorite opi and butter london polishes. I have tried 4 colors, 2 of which are glitters and every one has been a stunner. With Coral Crush being my favorite pink I own now. Take a look: (and click on the photos to see larger)

 'I'm No Angel' in bottle, one of my favorite reds, a slight pink lean with beautiful cool pink shimmer mixed in, very easy to apply and dries quickly.

 'I'm No Angel'
(You can also see this on my nails in my top 13 beauty products video in the post below.)

'Coral Crush' ia a beautiful bright slightly warm/coral toned pink. Like I said this has become my favorite pink I own, however I do have a thing for coral! The formula makes me more likely to reach for it over my other coral pinks however. Great Formula, Great Drying time.

Shown on nails, Coral Crush topped with Peep Show. Peep Show is Sheer so the base color you are seing is Coral Crush. Peep Show Below is my favorite pink glitter top coat, and I am a glitter hoarder of sorts. It is fine pink glitter with a lot of sparkle and both cool and warm tones of pink, it occasionaly seems to have a slight duohrome sheen of a soft chamagne gold but it is very subtle.

Envied is a complex glitter with a sheer black base, it can layered to create an opaque glitter look or worn ontop of a dark polish. It has a beautiful combination of Emerald Green glitter, a bit of almost turquoise blue glitter, and super fine gold micro glitter which give it a lot of complexity.

above right - artificial light
below - sunlight
It looks more green, and the green really pops more than wanted to show up in the photos.

From left to right : Envied, Coral Crush, Peep Show, I'm No Angel