Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dior - Trafalgar 876 - 5 Couleurs Palette Swatches

The Dior 5 Couleurs Palette in Trafalgar. It's a special one.
I highly anticipated this one, and while it's not 100% what I thought it would be, there is a definite beauty to it.

(in direct sunlight)

The Pink Shade; 
Is a sheer light pink with some micro glitter particles, it comes off more of a shimmer except in direct sunlight, despite being sheer it is beautiful because of some subtle complexities of the color.

The White Shade;
Maybe my favorite? This is a white with gold AND pink micro shimmer particals, the end results when moving in the light is like an opal. Or a Goddess. It's stunning. It needs building to get an opaque coverage but it is more easily attainable than with the pink color.

The Gold Shade;
This was half of the reason I wanted this palette. I am deficient a good quality gold in my collection, and I'm not sure this fills that void. It's not as smooth and creamy as I had hoped, and it is most definitely not a straight up gold. It is very similar in color to the tarte smolderEyes pencil in Gold, which if you are familiar with is really an antiqued bronze type color. It seems to get lost blending in with my skintone a bit too easily for my taste, and the lack of creaminess(a bit dry) and smoothness makes this one I'm not sure I'll be wearing on it's own again. (there is a photo of this on my lid further down.) I do have big plans to layer this color dusted over top of some packed on red however and I think that will be a good look and combination. (as seen in the ad for this palette)

The Red Shade;
Surprised me. It is beautiful. It is pigmentated. It blends itself practically. The surprise was how much of a pink duochrome type effect this color has happening in it. The color does, in real life, look different in different lighting, it's not just the photos. I have yet to use this all over my lid but that is how I originally imagained this would look best. Can't wait to wear it around christmas! I do think the different tone to this red than other reds does make it more wearable.

The Brown Shade;
This is a nice versatile dark chocolate brown. it blends very easily, looks very polished, and I don't think I have anything bad to say about it. It is a true brown despite it looking plummy in some photos.

When wearing the colors together it does have the potential to create a few different beautiful looks. Easy to blend, and some special colors that are hard to find copies of. The white, red, and brown are my personal favorites, in that order. They are not the creamiest or smoothest feeling eyeshadows I've ever used. I do wish they were s little less dry and more intense, however they know how to make them blend so smoothly so maybe that's the reason it needs to be that way. I think you will like this if you have the intention to create a look using the red. It may just be the most sophisticated, high end looking red palette out there. If you buy it for the other colors, you may be better off with a different palette. 

Now for a massive amount of photos!
Direct Sunlight

Indirect Sunlight (shade)

Indoor lighting

On My Face :

Gold on Lid
Brown in Crease
White on Browbone and in inner corner

Pink & Red Look:

Pink all over lid
Brown in Crease
Red overtop in crease and blended slightly onto lid
White on browbone and inner corner