Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kardashian Beauty Radiant Ombre Blush - Glimmer 515

I'll try not to write a post screaming like a little girl about this product (even though I want to.) The wonderful Kardashian Beauty Radiant Ombre Blush in Glimmer finally arrived in an ulta close enough to drive to! I've been on the hunt for this blush ever since I saw it in Sam Schuerman's youtube video. I was already on the hunt for a glowy version of (my old) favorite blush, Estee Lauder Audacious Plum. I adore the color, quality and everything about that blush but some days I wanted to glow. I had a hard time finding a shimmery/glowy dupe for it and when I saw swatches in her video I knew I needed it like last month! It did not disappoint one bit. It looks purple toned in the container (as does the estee lauder one) however it is a cooler berry pinky flush that is extremely wearable. It glows, but has not one iota of glitter or chunky shimmer bits. Every spec of the powder is the same superfine glowing goodness. Could I ask for more? No. Let's admire it's beauty.