Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beautiful Skin Secrets

 As someone with super sensitive, dry, and occasionally acne prone skin, finding an entire group of products I can not only use, but also see wonderful results from has been a feat! First in our lineup is an admittedly easier one, eye makeup remover. I've been using Maybelline Clean Express for waterproof eye makeup, it is good, this is my second bottle, but I don't notice a difference between it and other duel phase eye makeup removers if I'm being honest. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, herbs, and rosewater : My face makeup remover. I spray this on my cotton square, and on my face and remove all of my makeup with it with out it drying or irritating my skin, and it smells like roses! I think this is my 3rd bottle, maybe 4th. As a plus it isn't too expensive and has free shipping from nordstrom, if you have a hard time finding it. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser Has saved my face from intense pain problems it was having all of last fall. I tried just about every facial cleanser in existence (no joke) and everything was burning my skin horribly. Then came my love. I washed my face and no pain. I was in shock. 4 months later, after using this twice a day everyday, still no pain. It's a miracle to me. It is a little more expensive for a face wash, but I've used less than half of my bottle in 4 months, because it's very concentrated and you only need a pea sized amount for more than enough lather. It cleanses my skin, makes it soft, my acne has dramatically decreased(almost none), it's not as dry as it was, I couldn't recommend it enough. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been my go to moisturizer, always at night, sometimes during the day as well. I was previously using 100% Jojoba oil as my moisturizer (my skin doesn't like many traditional moisturizers). However I was finding my skin was not getting moisturized enough. I decided to try this based on the great reviews and ingredients, and I love it. I do find it moisturizes more than the jojoba oil was, and importantly-with out breaking me out. My only complaint is my skin can sometimes use even more moisture, so it's not a complete miracle for me, but I do plan to repurchase. That leads up to the next product, Trader Joe's Nourish Anti-Oxidant Facial Moisturizer. This isn't a product that I use everyday, but I have been layering on top of the midnight recovery concentrate when my skin needs even more moisture. It is cheap, and has good ingredients so it's an easy one to keep around for when needed. Saving the best for last - Kiehl's Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream. I use the shade fair. This one product has made the biggest difference in the improvement of clarity and evenness to my skin. It makes my skin look younger, and brighter, and healthier, almost instantly. Every day I wear this I see an improvement to my skin, that night. I have already purchased a backup and I'm not running out of my current one for a little while longer. It's that important to me that I have it. It has vitamin c, which is what I'm attributing most of the visible results to. SPF 50, which is effective, I burn easily and have spent hours in direct sunlight in the afternoon with this on, and no sun burn at all. It has light - medium coverage, and can make me shiny depending on what powder I set it with (I've been liking l'oreal with it), but it is worth it. It doesn't burn my sensitive skin, and not only does it not cause acne, but it seems to be helping to keep it away.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my current skincare routine, leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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