Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation 10 Porcelain Ivory

 Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation in shade 10 Porcelain Ivory

As someone with dry skin who likes a matte finish I thought this 'Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation' would be perfect for me, but I'm not wowed. It clung to my dry flakes, and as it dried down got more powdery and dryer and more and more unattractive. The color I got is wrong for me, way too pink, but I don't think the formula was good enough to warrant getting another color. Take a look!

 It was hard to get a true to life picture of the color even with using 2 different cameras in different settings and lighting! Above is the closest I could get but it was even a little more pink in real life!

Above with no flash in indirect sunlight, below with flash, clearly too pink, and looks paler with flash.

Above in indirect sunlight, you can see the powdery-ness and that it is too pink for me.

Above you can see how it looks much paler and more even in flash photography. 

I think if you don't have dry patches of skin this may work better, also if you get a better color match and don't have a lot to cover in the first place, this also has made my face feel a bit greasy after wearing it for 5 hours now, which my dry and completely non oily skin never feels like on its own so it is definetly this foundation.